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How to perform steaming on facial and body skin

The benefits of steam on the skin :

  • Softens and re hydrates outer layer of skin
  • Stimulates skin blood circulation
  • Helps soften plugs in pores for easy removal

What is steaming?

Exposing your skin to warm, moist steam from recently boiled water, be it from a pot in your kitchen, an electric facial sauna, a sauna at the Gym or by application of a hot compress (a flannel soaked in hot water, rinsed out and placed on the treatment area such as the back and shoulders) will help to deep cleans your skin. The warmth in the steam will improve the blood circulation to the skin, resulting in detoxification of the skin by removal of any Toxins built up in the skin. The improved circulation also results in delivery of Oxygen, water and Nutrients to the skin. The steam aids to “open” the skin pores and penetrates into the pores and loosens any Blackheads and plugs in the pores. This softening process makes it easier to remove these plugs when exfoliating with a peel-off mask or a facial/body scrub. The end result is deep cleansed, re hydrated and glowing skin.

How to perform a steaming on the facial skin

1.Boil some water in a pot

2.Turn heat off (the water does not have to be boiling, just hot)

3.Place a large towel over your head to cover your face and create a “tent” over the pot of hot water.

4.Allow the steam to condense over your facial skin. Do not take your face too near the water and do take your face away from the water at short intervals.

5.Continue this process for 10 to 15 minutes.

Alternative ways of achieving STEAMING of the skin:

  • Hot shower or bath
  • Electric facial sauna(a gadget that generates steam in a closed environment of a plastic screen from water heated in the base)

On the back and shoulders use a hot compress, or visit the Gym/sauna
Deep cleanse skin with warm, moist and preferably essential oil enriched steam

Enhance the beneficial effects of steam by adding 5 to 6 drops of an appropriate essential oil to the hot (not boiling) water (tea tree oil, lavender oil)

Enrich steam with essential oils

Oils for oily skin:

Oil of Fennel, Rosemary, Lemon

Normal skin:

Lavender oil, Lemon oil

Dry, sensitive skin:

Oil of Chamomile, Lavender oil

Mature and skin damaged by the Sun:

Lemon oil, Oil of Patchouli

Acne prone or inflamed skin:

Tea tree oil, Lavender oil, Chamomile oil, and Eucalyptus oil