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Devina`s choice peel off face and body mask is fortified with Vitamin E,Tea tree oil and eleven other skin friendly essential oils .Safety of the essential oils used

All the oils used in the body mask have a good safety profile. None are irritant to the skin at the concentrations used. Risk of sensitisation or an allergic reaction is negligible and no oil is photo toxic, carcinogenic or teratogenic. The following is a list of the Essential oils used in the mask and their benefits in brief. Within the mask the oils impart a combined synergistic anti-bacterial, deodorizing and cleansing property.

The essential oil mix in the mask helps to dissolve the bond between the dead skin cells and the healthy skin layer beneath. Thus, it helps removal of this dead skin layer on peeling (safe exfoliating).

Cypress oil:

Astringent, soothing, deodorizing and good for oily skin. Helps to reduce production of Sebum and reduces sweating.

Mandarin oil:

Good for improving blood circulation within the skin.

Cedarwood oil:

Improves circulation.

Rosemary oil:

Good for oily skin, cleansing and stimulating.

Peppermint oil:

Cooling and cleansing.

Ylang ylang oil:

Antibacterial, nourishing, moisturizing and good for oily skin.

Lavender oil:

Deodorizing, improves circulation, good for stressed skin, stimulant, detoxifying, tonic, balancing, antibacterial, regenerative, soothes spots, promotes cell growth and helps minimize scarring.

Lemon oil:

Antibacterial, detoxifying, good for inflamed skin and healing.

Roman Chamomile oil:

Soothing and antibacterial, helps to clear spots.

Vitamin E oil:

Anti -Oxidant, improves circulation and conditions skin.

Clary sage oil:

Antibacterial, deodorizing and soothing and helps retain moisture.

Sandalwood oil:


Tea tree oil:

Cleansing and cooling, Antibacterial, reduces redness on and around spots natural preservative. Facial Steaming to unblock and cleanse clogged pores

Enrich steam with essential oils

Oils for oily skin:

Oil of Fennel, Rosemary, Lemon

Normal skin:

Lavender oil, Lemon oil

Dry sensitive skin:

Oil of Chamomile, Lavender oil

Mature and skin damaged by the Sun:

Lemon oil, Oil of Patchouli

Acne prone or inflamed skin:

Tea tree oil, Lavender oil, Chamomile oil, and Eucalyptus oil