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Safety and suitability of Devina`s choice peel off mask for you

Information on this site will be updated regularly and the visitors to this site will be the major contributors to the content of any updates. It is therefore very important that you send us your comments on your experiences with the product. Please take time to read through the following and send us your comments. THANK YOU.

Questionnaire for Consumers and reporting of any comments about the Product.

Because of the inherent nature of the product and the way it works, Some of its actions should be taken as granted. The following actions may therefore be expected: Temporary itching , stinging, or a cooling sensation. Any other actions should be noted and reported.

Many factors can trigger a skin reaction. These can include pollution, sunlight, smoking, diet,alcohol consumption, cosmetics, medication and hormonal changes in the body. Oily skin which is already inflamed may be more prone to skin reactions.

Possible adverse effects of any product applied to the skin can be:

1. Skin irritation or a sensitivity reaction.
2. An allergic reaction to one or more of the ingredients.
3 Photo-allergy -meaning a reaction to one or more of the ingredients induced by exposure to light or more often, sunlight.
4. A rash requiring medical attention.
What is an allergic reaction?
An adverse reaction to any one ingredient in a product is possible and can be minor irritation or sensitization which can result in inflammation of the skin.This is often described as DERMATITIS.

What you SEE on the skin as a result is:

3. A FLARE-UP resulting in more spread out reddening and swelling of the skin. There may be itching.

Typical questions you may want to ask about the mask during use:

1. How long did you have to leave the mask on the area chosen, before peeling off? Do you think 60 minutes is too long to wait?
2. If you experienced any adverse effects during or after use, how long did it take for symptoms to appear?
3. Did you suffer any allergic reaction to the product?
4. How long did the reaction last?
5. Did a rash appear after the mask was peeled off?
6. Was there anything you particularly liked/disliked about the mask? Remember, peeling the mask removes the top dead layer of your skin, so it may hurt.
7. Is the mask suitable for Diabetics and during Pregnancy? The answer is YES. There are NO harmful agents in the mask.
8. My skin is mature and thin. Do I qualify for this mask?

Exfoliating is essential for everybody. It is the frequency at which you do this that matters.The mask is suitable for ALL skin types.You just use it less often for sensitive or thin, mature skin and more often for oily, acne prone skin.

If you would like to contact us in confidence or would like advice on the usage of the mask you may do so at

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Add Devina`s choice to
your skin care regime

Acne is best treated and prevented by addressing ALL the factors that lead to the formation of lesions. Therefore it is logical to combine treatment with products that address different causative factors(sebum, bacteria, dead skin).The action of each preparation will be ADDITIVE and lead to a more effective and faster result than can be achieved by a single product alone. It is usual to apply one product in the morning and a different one in the evening.However there are also products available that contain TWO of the active agents in the one application.All sufferers want instant results. You can help yourself by using this technique.

Complement, augment and enhance your existing acne treatment by taking advantage of the fact that by adding a product that addresses a different causative factor to your regime will enhance the existing treatment synergistically (An additive action) by producing FASTER and more EFFECTIVE results.Add DEVINA`S CHOICE peel-off face and body mask to your existing medical treatment for acne to enhance its effects.