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If you have used the mask, your opinion and experience of it is important to us. In addition, it is of help to others users as well. A survey was carried out of some existing users to find out how they were finding the mask.

The following are the questions posed and their answers. Any existing users and all contemplating using the mask may find the information very useful.

If you have a comment about the mask, please send it to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or visit the guest book on the web site.

The product, as you might have found, is a complete exfoliating and deep cleansing facial, especially for the removal of blackheads, spots, pimples and plugged pores.

Does the mask in your opinion qualify as a deep cleansing home facial?

Even those users who did not have blackheads said they use the mask as a regular facial. The mask is incredible, some said. My friends noticed a glow in my skin straight away! said a few. It was sore to peel off but worth it!I intend to use it at least once a week. Thank you so much.

Did the mask help you in the removal of Blackheads and plugged pores?

Most had these comments: My skin looked worse than when I started after the first use, but as suggested in your instruction leaflet. I used it again after a few hours/next day and noticed a huge difference. All the blackheads did not disappear after the second use though! I have used two pouches to date and now do not see any more. I have been using the mask twice a week to prevent further breakouts and it`s working.

How many uses did it take to achieve this?

Most users said they noticed a difference in their complexion after the first application and in the clearing spots and blackheads after the second pouch.

How would you compare it with the pore strips?

The only similarity with your mask and the pore strips is that both are sore to remove. All said they found the strips rather expensive and found the mask quite economical because you get 6 to 7 applications out of the sachet. Most also found it better than the strips because they could use it all over the face, neck shoulders and on the back.

How often do you use the mask?

Answers to this question varied. Some use it twice a week a regularly. Others use it occasionally as a facial and a few use it 3 times a week to clear spots. Generally people with oily skin tended to use it more often per week than those with dry or sensitive skins.

Do you use the mask only on the face or on other parts of the body as well?

Most users apply the mask on the face and neck. A lot of users apply it on the back and shoulders, especially ladies wanting to wear a low back dress and a lot of men.

If you use the mask for spots and pimples, how do you rate the mask, considering the fact that this benefit is achieved over a longer term, regular use of the mask. (Exfoliating and removal of the causes of blackheads and spot forming material)

Most users notice a visible difference after the first application and considerably more improvement after the second pouch. Some of these users say they get much better results by leaving the mask on overnight. (This is quite safe). A lot of users report that the mask enhances existing acne treatment and accelerates the healing process.

Some users found it difficult to activate/melt the mask on the first occasion. How did you overcome this problem?

Most users had no problems at all. Others got in touch to ask why they could not melt the mask. Some users were not using hot water and others were not leaving the pouch in the hot water for long enough. The most common reason however was not immersing the WHOLE pouch in hot water. The best way was to leave the pouch in hot water so that the nozzle is at the bottom of the tumbler and completely covered by hot water.

The mask contains essential oils for their beneficial properties on the skin and Tea tree oil for the antibacterial property. Do you have an opinion on Aromatherapy?

Most users appeared to know about the beneficial properties of Tea tree oil. All users thought that essential oils in the mask were relaxing and did condition the skin.

The mask takes one hour to dry and is necessary to benefit from the oils in the mask. Do you find one hour too long?

Some users were not used to the idea of a peel-off mask that had to be left on for one hour and thought it was a long time to wait. Others were not bothered and understood that the oils in the mask only worked if left on for one hour. Most users did not mind the one hour wait and enjoyed the relaxing effects of the oils while waiting for the mask to dry. Some users said they just got on with their daily chores while the mask dried! All users found the longer the mask was left on the easier and less painful it was to peel off.

The mask should peel off in one piece on drying. Did you have problems peeling it in one piece? Did it come off in bits? Did this bother you? How did you achieve perfection on subsequent uses?

Most users complained that the mask came off in bits the first time they used it. Some were bothered and others did not care. After a few uses most users found that applying a second layer of the mask made it thick enough to peel-off in one piece. The secret is in applying a thick enough layer of the mask after massaging it into the pores and wait for the mask to dry completely before attempting to peel it off. The best way of applying the mask is to apply TWO coats,one after the other.This achieves a thick enough and strong layer on the skin.

Some users find that the mask is sore to peel off. Others are not bothered. What do you think?

Most users found the mask sore to peel off. A few said it did not hurt at all! All said it was worth the results obtained. The mask attaches to the dead skin layer and plugs in the skin and therefore some soreness is to be expected on peeling. Some said they peeled off the mask by peeling at the edges to start with and then ripping it off all in one go and found this was very effective at reducing the soreness.All peel-off masks should be peeled downwards from the forehead towards the T-zone and chin area.This is because fine facial hair grows downwards and peeling upwards from the chin up would be peeling against the grain.This is what causes the soreness!

Does this problem persist on subsequent uses or do you get used to it?

The soreness problem does seem to lessen after a few uses.One learns how best to peel off the dried mask and in which direction for least soreness. Most users got used to the soreness or were better prepared in the knowledge that this was to be expected.

How do you cope with this problem?

Most users found that washing with cold water after peeling was soothing. The application of a Toner removed all sensation of the soreness in addition to tightening the pores..b

Are the results worth the slight pain endured?

Most users understood the reason for the soreness and agreed that the soreness was only temporary and worth the results. No one has said they would stop using the mask on this account.

How did you quench the pain?

All users found that application of a Toner after washing helped soothe the skin in addition to contracting the pores and making the skin feel smooth.

Steaming helps open the pores and soften the blackheads and plugs. Do you steam before using the mask?

The answer to this question appeared to depend on the reason for using the mask. Most users who used it to remove blackheads and plugged pore said they always steamed before using the mask. Some people who used the mask on the shoulders used a warm flannel instead of steaming. Those using the mask as a facial did not bother with the steaming step. Users wanting to clear and prevent spots always used the steaming step.

The 50ml multi-use pouch allows up to 6 facials. Do you think Euro 10.00 is good value for money or is it too expensive?

Most users agreed that the mask was more effective than what they had ever used. In addition it did not cost any more than the ordinary wash off and peel-off mask per application. Most thought it was great value for money considering the fortification of the mask with essential oils which can be very expensive. It was as effective(if not better) and cheaper than a visit to the beauty salon, some said.

Did you read the leaflet we sent you? What do you think of its contents?

Most users admitted that they plunged into trying to use the mask without reading the leaflet. A few said they read the leaflet while they waited for the mask to arrive in the post. Because of the unique nature of the mask and its uses, it is essential that ALL users read the instructions before trying to use the mask in order to avoid any problems. All users who read the leaflet found the information very useful. A few said they knew all that any way!

Does it need improving? Any suggestions?

We have not heard from any one to suggest improving the product. We have to conclude from this that the mask is the perfect facial ever!

Once the mask has been peeled off; it leaves the pores on the skin empty and deep cleansed. It is essential to tighten and close the pores again to smooth the skin. Do you use a Toner to achieve this as suggested?

Very few users did not follow this instruction. Most users said they use a toner in their daily beauty regime any way. Some users questioned the need to use a Toner but understood the need to use one after an explanation was offered. (Please refer to the leaflet)

Do you follow with a moisturizer?

All users said they apply a moisturizer after the Toner. Even Men.

Would you recommend the mask to your friends?

Most users said they would recommend the mask to their friends because of its genuine properties. Some were concerned that they might offend their friend if they suggested a mask for spots and pimples! The mask is not for this purpose alone. It is a great deep cleansing, exfoliating facial and can be recommended for this purpose and is more economical than a visit to the beauty salon!

Some users wanted to know if they could wash off the mask instead of peeling it.

The mask may be washed off if desired. However the full benefits of the mask can only be obtained if it is left to dry and PEELED off. It was specifically designed for this purpose.

Do you intend to use the mask regularly as part of your cleansing routine?

Most users understood the need to exfoliate regularly to remove the dead skin and bacteria from the skin in order to prevent a build up of plugged pores and blackheads that lead to spots and pimples. All said they intend to use the mask at least once a week.

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