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About Oily Skin and Sebum

If your skin looks shiny and feels greasy and sticky, you have oily skin.You will find that within a few hours of cleansing, the greasy feel returns. Use a magnifying glass to observe the skin. You will notice that the pores on your skin appear large and crater-like and the skin looks coarse.

Oily skin is a problem associated with puberty and the condition improves as we get older, but unfortunately, not for everyone.Oily skin is inherited and has nothing to do with what you eat.

The excessive production of Sebum(oil) is linked to inherited,overactive oil glands in your skin (sebaceous glands) which respond to an abnormal level of the hormone Testosterone in the body.

If your skin looks shiny and feels greasy and sticky,you have oily skin.You will find that within a few hours of cleansing,the greasy feel returns.Use a magnifying glass to observe the skin.

You will notice that the pores on your skin appear large and crater-like. What is Sebum(oil) and why does your body produce it? Sebum is the natural moisturiser for your skin.It flows continuosly from within your skin to the surface and forms a thin film of oil to help keep the skin soft and supple by preventing the loss of moisture from the surface.

Excessive production of SEBUM by the large sebaceous glands on the facial skin leads to oily skin. This excessive sebum production is thought to be due to over sensitive receptors in the hair follicle to the hormone Dihydroxy testosterone that controls sebum production.

The tendency towards oily skin is an inherited trait and is made worse by additional factors such as diet, stress, certain chemicals and exposure to the sun. Since sebum production is under direct hormonal control, the menstrual cycle can cause a flare up at certain times of the month. Similarly, taking the oral contraceptive can also lead to hormone mediated oilyness and this applies during pregnancy, when a flare up of ACNE is not unusual.

Frequent and effective cleansing with a suitable product is necessary in order to keep the amount of sebum on the skin to a minimum. This will help avoid production of spots and pimples.

Lotions or Emulsions made with oil and water (Oily cleansers) should be avoided. These products leave a layer of oil on the skin surface and will aggravate spots and pimples and prevent the free flow of sebum by causing blockage of the pores. Cleansers that FOAM or FROTH are suitable for the easy removal of oilyness without excessive drying.

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Acne is best treated and prevented by addressing ALL the factors that lead to the formation of lesions. Therefore it is logical to combine treatment with products that address different causative factors(sebum, bacteria, dead skin).The action of each preparation will be ADDITIVE and lead to a more effective and faster result than can be achieved by a single product alone. It is usual to apply one product in the morning and a different one in the evening.However there are also products available that contain TWO of the active agents in the one application.All sufferers want instant results. You can help yourself by using this technique.

Complement, augment and enhance your existing acne treatment by taking advantage of the fact that by adding a product that addresses a different causative factor to your regime will enhance the existing treatment synergistically (An additive action) by producing FASTER and more EFFECTIVE results.Add DEVINA`S CHOICE peel-off face and body mask to your existing medical treatment for acne to enhance its effects.