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Drugs Taken as Medication May Cause Acne

Some Drugs (Iodides, Bromides,Barbiturates, Anabolic steroids,Corticosteroids, Lithium) taken as medication for treatment of an ailment unrelated to acne may cause acne.Usually the side effects of some drugs show an acne like eruption but comedones are generally absent. If possible,coming off the medication usually resolves this problem, but it is not advisable to stop taking ANY medication without first consulting your medical practitioner. Steroids (oral corticosteroids and Anabolics steroids),including those in inhalers may cause acne type eruptions.

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Hormones can Cause Acne

Androgens and progesterone components of combined oral contraceptive pills may cause acne type reactions.This is due to the fact that these chemicals resemble or have properties similar to TESTOSTERONE, the agent causing excessive production of sebum. Anabolic steroids can cause acne in men for the same reason.

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Anti-Epileptic Medication May Cause Acne

All anti-epileptic medication can cause acne or make existing acne worse.You cannot stop taking this type of prescribed medication and so the option is to seek additional Acne treatment in the form of Topical retinoid/antibiotic products or request other anti-epileptic therapy. Iodides and Bromides may also cause an aggressive form of acne,but are not much used in medicine now a days. Other Drugs that may cause or aggravate existing acne include Lithium, Isoniazid, Dantrolene, Danazol, Quinidine, Azathioprine, Cyclosporin A, Amineptin and Dactinomycin.

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Acne is best treated and prevented by addressing ALL the factors that lead to the formation of lesions. Therefore it is logical to combine treatment with products that address different causative factors(sebum, bacteria, dead skin).The action of each preparation will be ADDITIVE and lead to a more effective and faster result than can be achieved by a single product alone. It is usual to apply one product in the morning and a different one in the evening.However there are also products available that contain TWO of the active agents in the one application.All sufferers want instant results. You can help yourself by using this technique.

Complement, augment and enhance your existing acne treatment by taking advantage of the fact that by adding a product that addresses a different causative factor to your regime will enhance the existing treatment synergistically (An additive action) by producing FASTER and more EFFECTIVE results.Add DEVINA`S CHOICE peel-off face and body mask to your existing medical treatment for acne to enhance its effects.